1000V DC 1A 2A to 20A Fuse Module

1000V DC 1A 2A to 20A Fuse Module
SGR 1000V DC 1A 12A fuse for solar system
1. PV system:DC Fuse
2. Rared Voltage:DC 250v to 1000V
3: IEC66143-1 & EN61643-II
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1000V DC 1A 2A to 20A fuse module

1, Fuse Module Specifications

SGR 1000V DC 1A 12A  fuse for solar system 

1. PV system:DC Fuse 

2. Rared Voltage:DC 250v to 1000V

3: IEC66143-1 & EN61643-II

4, Rated current:1A, 2A, 3A,4A,5A, 6A,8A, 10A, 12A, 15A, 16A, 20A

Fuse selection method

1) Determine the type of fuse according to the conditions of use.

2) When selecting the fuse specifications, you should first select the specifications of the melt, and then select the fuse according to the melt specifications.

3) The protection characteristics of the fuse should be protected with the object of the overload characteristics of a good match.

4) in the distribution system, the fuse should match each other, the general level of the rated current of the melt than the next level of the rated current of the melt 2 to 3 times.

5) For the protection of the motor fuse, should pay attention to the impact of motor starting current, the fuse is generally only as a motor short circuit protection, overload protection should be used thermal relay.

6) The rated current of the fuse shall be not less than the rated current of the melt; the rated breaking capacity shall be greater than the maximum short circuit current that may occur in the circuit

3, Product Parameter



Rated current

Rated voltage

Rated breaking capacity














-40℃- +90℃




4, The main drawbacks and weaknesses of the fuse

① after the fuse must be replaced fuse fuse;

② protection function is single, only one overcurrent inverse time characteristics, overload, short circuit and ground fault are used this protection;

③ the occurrence of a phase fuse, the three-phase motor will lead to the adverse consequences of the two-phase operation, of course, can be used to send the alarm signal to make up the fuse, a phase fuse can be disconnected three-phase;

④ can not achieve remote control, need to switch with the electric knife, switch combinations are possible.

5, The main advantages of fuses

A, Good selectivity Up and down fuse fuse rated current as long as the GB and IEC standards to meet the requirements of the overcurrent ratio of 1.6: 1 requirements, that is, the upper rated fuse current is not less than the subordinate of the value of 1.6 times, as the upper and lower level Selective cut off fault current;

B, Good current limiting characteristics, high breaking capacity;

C, Relatively small size;

D, Cheaper prices.

6, DC Fuse packing and Shipment

Standard packing:

The Fuse link packing : 3000pcs / carton , packing size is 35*22*23, G/W:21.5KG

Fuse holder packing : 300pcs/ carton , packing size 44*39*22, G/W :26KG

Can be OEM, the packing can be according customer feel well


We cooperation with DHL, FeDEx, TNT, UPS, EMS etc, for carton we suggest used shipment by express.fast and safe.

If weight is heavy, or big volume, we shipping by air or sea. Save freight cost, safe by little long time

7, DC Fuse FAQ:

1>  Question 1:What is the inner package for the product?  

Answer 1:Usually,we use carton..Of course,you can choose others you feel well. 

2> Question 2:Could you do OEM for us?

Answer 2:Sure,we accept OEM order.Pls supply with the brand Letter of Authorization. 

3> Question 3:What is your Mini Order Quantity?

Answer 3:Our MOQ is 240 set for each item.And we accept trial order less than MOQ. 

4> Question 4:How long is your delivery time?

Answer 4: 7-15 days after receiving the deposit.