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  • DC Wire 10 15 Amp Panel Fuse
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    DC Wire 10 15 Amp Panel Fuse

    DC wire 10 15 amp panel fuse
    With the development of technologically advanced solar panels, the demand for high quality fuses is increasing. The short circuit condition of the solar panel can not produce a large amount of current to start the ordinary fuse, so that it can isolate the...
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  • 250V 1000V 4 Amp 5 Amp10A 20Afuse
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    250V 1000V 4 Amp 5 Amp10A 20Afuse

    250v 1000v 4 amp 5 amp10a 20a fuse
    1, The principle of dc fuse:
    The working principle of the fuse is a simple relationship between I2R and time. The greater the current, the shorter the fusing or opening time. The power consumption of the fuse is proportional to the square of the...
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