Introduction To Solar Inverter

Solar energy AC power generation system is composed of solar panel, charge controller, inverter and accumulator, and solar power system does not include inverter. The process of converting AC energy into DC power is called rectification, and the circuit which completes rectification function is called rectifier circuit, and the device which realizes rectification process is called rectifier equipment or rectifier. Correspondingly, the process of converting DC energy into alternating current is called inverter, and the circuit which completes the inverter function is called the inverter circuit, and the device which realizes the inverter process is called the inverter device or inverter.

The core of the inverter is the inverter switch circuit, referred to as the inverter circuit. The circuit completes the function of inverter through conduction and turn-off of power electronic switch. The On-off of power electronic switching devices requires a certain drive pulse, which may be adjusted by changing a voltage signal. Circuits that produce and regulate pulses are often called control circuits or control loops. The basic structure of the inverter device, in addition to the inverter circuit and control circuit, there are protection circuit, output circuit, input circuit, output circuit and so on.