Multi-group Series Inversion

Multi-group series inversion is the advantage of centralized inversion and group-string inversion, which avoids its disadvantage and can be used in thousands of watt PV power station. In multiple series inverters, there are different individual power peak tracking and DC to DC converters, which are converted into alternating current through an ordinary DC to AC inverter, connected to the grid. Different ratings of PV group (e.g., different rated power, number of components per group, different manufacturers of components, etc.), different sizes or different technologies of PV modules, different directions of the group (such as: East, South and west), different dip or shade, can be connected to a common inverter, and each set of strings work at their respective maximum peak power. At the same time, the length of the DC cable is reduced, the shading effect of the group Ging and the loss caused by the Ging of the group are minimized.