LS3000H LS4000H LS5000 5000w energy power string inverter for soalr panels

LS3000H LS4000H LS5000 5000w energy power string inverter for soalr panels

  • LS3000H LS4000H LS5000 5000w energy power string inverter for soalr panels
  • LS3000H LS4000H LS5000 5000w energy power string inverter for soalr panels
  • LS3000H LS4000H LS5000 5000w energy power string inverter for soalr panels
Product Description

Litto New Energy Co., Ltd: Responsible for INVERTER design; technology development; INVERTER assembly; quality inspection; sales service. And control quality of PCB, but processing external. Similar to Apple.

Introduction :

  • Subline series LS3000H LS4000H LS5000
  • TMS320F28062 DSP precision control.
  • The most advanced MPPT Technology
  • 1 or 2 independent MPPT tracker
  • Advanced anti islanding scheme
  • The maximum efficiency is as high as 97.8%, EU efficiency 97.0% THD~3%.
  • The power factor adjustment range +/-0.9


Model name LS 3000H LS 4000H LS 5000H
DC input parameter
Max. DC power 3150W 4200W 5260W
Max. DC power of per string 3150W 4200W 5260W
Max. DC voltage 600Vdc 600Vdc 600Vdc
Rated  DC voltage 360Vdc 360Vdc 360Vdc
MPPT operationg voltage range 100-550Vdc 100-550Vdc 100-550Vdc
MPPT full load voltage range 150-500Vdc 200-500Vdc 250-500Vdc
parallel inputs number 2 2 2
MPPT tracking number 1 1 1
Max. input current 23A 23A 23A
DC connection type MC4 terminal MC4 terminal MC4 terminal
Maximum inverter backfeed current to array 0A 0A 0A
AC output parameters
Max. output apparent power 3000VA 4000VA 5000VA
Rated output power 3000W 4000W 4960W
Rated grid voltage 220V/230V/240Vac 220V/230V/240Vac 220V/230V/240Vac
Gridvoltage range 185V-276Vac 185V-276Vac 185V-276Vac
Rated power grid frequency 50 Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range 45-55Hz/55-65Hz 45-55Hz/55-65Hz 45-55Hz/55-65Hz
Max. output current 15.0A 20.0A 25.0A
Power factor (cos φ) 0.8i...i…0.8c 0.8i...i…0.8c 0.8i...i…0.8c
Current harmonics (THDI) <3%(under Rated output power) <3%(under Rated output power) <3%(under Rated output power)
AC output terminal connection type plug and play terminal plug and play terminal plug and play terminal
Maximum output fault current 80Arms 80Arms 80Arms
Maximum output over current protection Limited to 24A Limited to 32A Limited to 40A
Max. efficiency 0.975 0.978 0.976
EU efficiency 0.97 0.972 0.971
MPPTefficiency 0.998 0.998 0.998
General data
(W / D / H) size 355*395*170mm
N.W 16.5Kg 17Kg 17Kg
Install way Wall hanging fixed
Operating temperature range –25 °C ~ +60 °C
Max.  altitude 2000m
Relative temperature 0%-98% No condensation
Noise ≤25 dB(A)

Safety distance
We recommend the inverter around have a minimum clearance, so that better to heat dissipation and wiring operation, as shown below: 

The minimum clearance around the inverter
2.5 Installation steps
Step 1: punch 4 holes follows diagram 4.
Step 2:fix the bracket with screws, hang the inverter on the bracket.
Step 3: fasten on the top left corner and upper right corner with safety nut.
Step 4: check installation.

LS 3000H/LS 4000H/LS 5000H/LS 3000HD
/LS 4000HD/LS 5000HD support bracket                Install the inverter onto the bracket

Fix safety nut
Please check the following steps after complete the installation:
Please do not install the inverter on the tilt panel
In order to ensure the smooth installation of the inverter in the bracket, please check the top rope.
Make sure that the screws are inserted from heat sink of the inverter and locked well.
Check whether the inverter is fixed, please move the inverter from bottom-up, it should be firmly fixed still.
Select a solid wall, to avoid vibration when inverter works.


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Q: If i want to release order, what's the payment method you accept ? 
A: We accept T/T, Paypal, Western union, L/C,Trade Assurance.

Q: How is the pacakge?
A: Packaged in carton box first. Then packing by Pallet. 

Q: How to check inverter good or failure? 
A: LCD show status. Monitor by PC or phone.

Q: Can inverter install with DC Switch? : 
A: Yes, sure.DC switch is optional. 

Q: What is inverter communication? 
A: RS485. 

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