Contact panel types solar panel mc4 connector

Contact panel types solar panel mc4 connector

  • Contact panel types solar panel mc4 connector
Product Description

Product Details
Contact panel types Solar panel MC4 connector

Simple on-sit processing

Accomodate PV cable with different insulation diameters

Mating safely provided bykeyed housing

Multiple plugging and unpiugging cycles

High current carrying capacity

TUV and UL approved

1, Production introduction for Solar MC4 Connector

This Solar MC4 solar connector is the latest pass TUV UL approved Simple on -sit processing High current carrying capacity contact type, IP65 waterproof and anti-UV, PPO material is High rigidity, high heat resistance, flame retardant, high strength and excellent electrical performance

Our main market is Asia, Europe, Africa etc , we except to be your long term partner in China

2.Product Parameter of the Solar MC4 Connector

Order NO. Part P/N   Cable  
Connector Terminal Conductor size(mm²) Cable OD(ΦDmm)
SMC4-CMMM-14 SMC4-CMMM-H SMC4-CM-T14 AWG 14(2.5mm²) Φ4.5-Φ8.5
SMC4-CMMM-12 SMC4-CM-T12 AWG 12(4.0mm²)
SMC4-CMMM-10 SMC4-CM-T10 AWG 10(6.0mm²)
Order NO. Part P/N   Cable  
Connector Terminal Conductor size(mm²) Cable OD(ΦDmm)
SMC4-CFPM-14 SMC4-CFPM-H SMC4-CF-T14 AWG 14(2.5mm²) Φ4.5-Φ8.5
SMC4-CFPM-12 SMC4-CF-T12 AWG 12(4.0mm²)
SMC4-CFPM-10 SMC4-CF-T10 AWG 10(6.0mm²)
Rated Current 30A (2.5-6.0mm²)
Rated Voltage 1000V DC
Test voltgae 6000V( 50hz, 1min)
Overvoltage type/pollution degree CAT III /2
Contact resistance of plug connector 1 mΩ
Contact material Copper, Tin plated
Insulation material PPO
Degree of protection IP2X/IP67
Flame class UL94-VO
Safely class II
suitable cable OD 4.5-8.5(2.5-6.0mm²)
Insertion force/withdrawal force ≤ 50N/≥ 50N
Connecting system Crimp connection
Temperature range -40°C~+ 125°C

3.Product Feature And Application of the Solar MC4 Connector

Process: Stamping, Tin plating Process: Lathe machining , Ag plating
Strong point String point
.Low cost, high productive capacity .High cost, low productive capacity
.can be continually rivet because of terminal have strip feeder .can’t be continually rivet because it’s without terminal rail
Short coming Short coming
.Material is thin  .Material is thin 
.It’s easy to deform .It’s easy to deform
.It will be hear serious in a ling time when using .It will be hear serious in a ling time when using
.It need to solder after riveting to reach pull force31kgf .It need to solder after riveting to reach pull force31kgf

 4.Production detail :

5.Solar MC4 Connector production and project

6. Solar MC4 connector Shipment

7,Company information :

Yueqing XinChi Electric Co., Ltd is a group company,There are four branch companies subordinate to it. Registered trademark is "suntree".

Main Products:- Solar Panel/Inverter/cable/connector,  AC&DC Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Surge Protector Device, MCCB, ATS auto transfer switch, Isolator switch,  Waterproof distribution box, Industrial plug& socket,etc.

Quality &Standards:-Products are producted per.

ISO9001:2008, IEC60947, IEC60898,CB, SAA, TUV,CE,SONCAP,ROHS, Nemko, PCT,CCC etc.

Main markets:-Australia,New Zealand,&other worldwide markets.

Business strategies &Characristic:-Stability, expertise and technological innovation are the corner stones of our company’s business strategy.

We are trying to develop XinChi into a world-class Electrical manufactures.

8.Solar MC4 Connector FAQ:

1> Question 1:What is the inner package for the product?  

 Answer 1:Usually,we use PE bag.Of course,you can choose others you feel well.

2> Question 2:Could you do OEM for us?

Answer 2:Sure,we accept OEM order.Pls supply with the brand Letter of Authorization.

3> Question 3:What is your Mini Order Quantity?

Answer 3:Our MOQ is 240 set for each item.And we accept trial order less than MOQ. 

4> Question 4:How long is your delivery time?

Answer 4: 7-15 days after receiving the deposit.

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