Y branch types solar panel 4mm 6mm 10mm mc4 connectors

Y branch types solar panel 4mm 6mm 10mm mc4 connectors

  • Y branch types solar panel 4mm 6mm 10mm mc4 connectors
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Y branch types Solar panel  4mm 6mm 10mm MC4 Connectors

Material introduction:

The material :Polyphenylene oxide (PPO / PPE) is a high temperature resistant thermal engineering plastics, with excellent acid, alkali, chemical resistance of polyphenylene ether chemical name for the poly 2,6-dimethyl-1,4 - Phenyl ether, referred to as PPO

Features: PPO, PPE is a comprehensive performance of excellent thermoplastic engineering plastics, highlighting the electrical insulation and water resistance is excellent, good dimensional stability. The structure is a glass transition temperature of about 210 ° C, a melting temperature of 257 ° C and a density of 0.96 to 1.06 g cm 3.

2, Product Features:

1. Multiple plugging and unplugging cycles. 
2. Highly robustness, UV-Resistance. 
3. Connector adopts insertion of reed with inner-knob type. 
4. Auto-lock equipment for male and female points enable connection easier and reliable. 
5. Popular appearance suit most of field installation. 
6. Simple on-site operation. 
7. Fit for PV cables with different insulation diameters. 
8. High current carrying capacity

3. Product Parameter of the MC4 Connectors solar connections

Order NO. Part P/N   Cable  
Connector Terminal Conductor size(mm²) Cable OD(ΦDmm)
SMC4-CMMM-14 SMC4-CMMM-H SMC4-CM-T14 AWG 14(2.5mm²) Φ4.5-Φ8.5
SMC4-CMMM-12 SMC4-CM-T12 AWG 12(4.0mm²)
SMC4-CMMM-10 SMC4-CM-T10 AWG 10(6.0mm²)
Order NO. Part P/N   Cable  
Connector Terminal Conductor size(mm²) Cable OD(ΦDmm)
SMC4-CFPM-14 SMC4-CFPM-H SMC4-CF-T14 AWG 14(2.5mm²) Φ4.5-Φ8.5
SMC4-CFPM-12 SMC4-CF-T12 AWG 12(4.0mm²)
SMC4-CFPM-10 SMC4-CF-T10 AWG 10(6.0mm²)
Rated Current 30A (2.5-6.0mm²)
Rated Voltage 1000V DC
Test voltgae 6000V( 50hz, 1min)
Overvoltage type/pollution degree CAT III /2
Contact resistance of plug connector 1 mΩ
Contact material Copper, Tin plated
Insulation material PPO
Degree of protection IP2X/IP67
Flame class UL94-VO
Safely class II
suitable cable OD 4.5-8.5(2.5-6.0mm²)
Insertion force/withdrawal force ≤ 50N/≥ 50N
Connecting system Crimp connection
Temperature range -40°C~+ 125°C

4,The Male and Female MC4 Connectors consist of the following


• Outer insulated housing with locking arrangement

• Tin-plated Copper metallic male & female mating contacts.

The wire is placed in the crimping area and crimped with a special crimping tool

• Nut & internal rubber bush. When the nut is tightened, the internal rubber

bush is compressed around the outer jacket of the cable and thus, provides water-tight sealing. tuv T type/Y type MC4 connector and pv cable connector mc4.

MC4 Connector – Locking Arrangement

Two locking tabs are provided on the MC4 Female Connector. Two corresponding

locking slots are provided on the MC4 Male Connector. When the two connectors are

coupled, the locking tabs slide into the locking slots and secure.

To uncouple the two connectors, press the ends of the locking tabs as shown to release thelocking mechanism. tuv T type/Y type MC4 connector and pv cable connector mc4.

5.Production and project  

We production MC4 connector, T branch and Y branch type, the MC4 connector is 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2, 6.0mm2, 10.0mm2 type, the T type is 1in 2out , 1in 3out, 1in 4out and 1in 5out, Y branch is with cable 4.0mm2 and 6.0mm2, cable length can custom-made. Each month we support for 10-50mW system for government.

6. Shipment

The MC4 Connectors solar connections we normally used DHL, FeDEx , TNT, EMS, UPS etc for shipment .

If weight is heavy or volume is big, used by sea for save freight cost ,

Due to our high quality and good service, most of our products have bulk sales to all over the world, And our products are TUV, UL certified. We mainly export to UK, USA, Mexico, Germany, France, Poland, Netherland, Sweden, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc

7,Company information :

Yueqing XinChi Electric Co., Ltd is a group company,There are four branch companies subordinate to it. Registered trademark is "suntree".

Quality &Standards:-Products are producted per ISO9001:2008, IEC60947, IEC60898,CB, SAA, TUV,CE,SONCAP,ROHS, Nemko, PCT,CCC etc.

Main Products:- Solar Panel/Inverter/cable/connector,  AC&DC Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Surge Protector Device, MCCB, ATS auto transfer switch, Isolator switch,  Waterproof distribution box, Industrial plug& socket,etc.

8.MC4 Connectors solar connections FAQ:

1.MC4 connector assembly spanner

2.using for MC4 connector small and easy to use

4.adjustable and fixed spanner

5.we use select raw-material ,our products are in high quality ,competive price,prompt delivery

6.samples can be provieded for free for reasonable quantiti,the large order you place the more favorable you will get

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