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Centralized Inversion

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The centralized inverter is generally used in large-scale PV power station (>10kw) system, many parallel photovoltaic series are connected to the DC input of the same set of inverters, General power using three-phase IGBT power module, low-power use of field-effect transistors, while using DSP conversion controller to improve the output of the quality of electrical energy, so that it is very close to the sine wave current. The biggest characteristic is the system power is high, the cost is low. However, the effect of the matching and partial shading of the photovoltaic array leads to the efficiency and power of the entire PV system. At the same time, the power generation reliability of the whole photovoltaic system is affected by the bad working state of a PV cell group. The latest research direction is the use of space vector modulation control, as well as the development of new inverter topology connectivity, in order to obtain a partial load in the case of high efficiency. On the Solarmax Central inverter, you can attach a photovoltaic array of the interface box, each string of photovoltaic panels to monitor, if one of these clusters is not working properly, the system will pass this information on to the remote controller, and the string can be stopped by remote control, which will not reduce and affect the work and energy output of the entire PV system because of a series of photovoltaic failures.

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