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Component Inverter

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The component inverter is to connect each PV module with one inverter, and each component has a single maximum power peak tracking, so that the assembly is better matched with the inverter. Usually used for 50W to 400W PV power stations, the total efficiency is lower than the series of inverters. Because it is parallel in the communication department, this increases the complexity of the AC side connection and maintains difficulty. Another need to be solved is how to be more effective with grid-connected, the simple way is to connect directly through an ordinary AC outlet, which can reduce the cost and installation of equipment, but often the safety standards of the grid around the world may not be allowed to do so, power companies may be opposed to power generation devices directly and ordinary household users of ordinary sockets connected. Another security-related factor is the need to use isolated transformers (High-frequency or Low-frequency), or to allow the use of transformer-free inverters. This inverter is widely used in glass curtain wall.

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