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Group-string Inversion

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The series inverter has become the most popular inverter in the international market now. The group inverter is based on the concept of modularization, and each PV group (1kw-5kw) has a maximum power peak tracking at the DC end, which is connected in parallel with the AC terminal through a inverter. Many large photovoltaic power plants use a series of inverters. The advantages are not affected by the Ging module differences and shading, while reducing the optimal operating point of PV modules.

And the inverter does not match the situation, thus increasing the power generation. These advantages of technology not only reduce the cost of the system, but also increase the reliability of the system. At the same time, the introduction of the "master-from" concept in group Ging makes it possible to link several sets of photovoltaic groups together in the case of a single series of energy that does not work in a single inverter, allowing one or more of them to work to produce more energy. The newest concept is that several inverters form a "team" to replace the "master-from" concept, making the reliability of the system a step further.

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