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Solar Inverter Function

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The inverter not only has the functions of direct AC transform, but also has the function of solar cell and system fault maintenance. It comes down to active operation and downtime, the most powerful tracking control function, the protection of the function of the operation alone (grid-connected system), Active voltage adjustment function (grid-connected system), DC detection function (GRID-connected system), DC grounding detection function (GRID-connected system). Here is a brief introduction of active operation and downtime function and maximum power tracking control function.

1, active operation and downtime function: After sunrise in the morning, the intensity of solar radiation gradually strengthened, the output of solar cells also increased, when the inverter task to reach the required output power, the inverter is active beginning operation. After entering the operation, the inverter will take care of the output of the solar module all the time, just as the output power of the solar module is greater than the output power required by the inverter task, the inverter will continue to operate; When the output of the solar module is smaller, the inverter output is close to 0 o'clock, and the inverter forms the standby form.

2. Maximum power tracking control function: The output of solar module is changed with solar radiation intensity and the temperature (chip temperature) of solar module. Other because the solar module has the characteristics that the voltage decreases with the current, the best task point for obtaining the maximum power is found. The solar radiation intensity is changing, and the obvious best task point is also changing. Related to these transformations, the Solar module's task point is at the highest power point, the system has been from the solar module to obtain maximum power output, this moderation is the maximum power tracking control. The biggest feature of the inverter used in solar power systems is the function of maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

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