SUP2-PV 3P 1500VDC

SUP2-PV 3P 1500VDC

  • SUP2-PV 3P 1500VDC
  • SUP2-PV 3P 1500VDC
  • SUP2-PV 3P 1500VDC
  • SUP2-PV 3P 1500VDC
  • SUP2-PV 3P 1500VDC
Product Description

The Cooper suntree three-module photovoltaic Surge Protective Device (SPD) (with three-step DC switching device) features visual indication and optional remote contact signaling (floating changeover contact) for use in PV systems.
These complete surge protective devices are suitable for all PV systems in accordance with IEC 60364-7-712. Includes a five year limited warranty.
These prewired solutions consist of a base and locking modules that feature a combined disconnection and short-circuiting (shunting) device with safe electrical isolation to prevent fire damage due to DC arcs. An integrated DC fuse allows safe module replacement without arc formation.
In case of insulation faults in the generator circuit, a reliable and tested fault resistant Y circuit prevents damage to the surge protective devices.
The green and red visual indicator flags show the module protective status (green = good, red = replace). Apart from this visual indication,the remote signaling option features a three terminal floating changeover contact that can be used as a make or break contact depending on the particular monitoring system design employed.

Short-Circuit Interrupting (SCI) Technology


Remote Contact Signaling

Typical Application Schematics

 Does not apply to 1200Vdc.
 1. Use a suitable electrical insulator to keep a 10mm min. safety distance from the PV-SPD and other grounded parts in the housing.
 2. No metal covers are in the area of the module release buttons as shown

Conductors and Busbars for Use in Photovoltaic Systems
IEC 60364-7-712 (DIN VDE 0100 Part 712)

Visual Indication Status

Fault Indication & Remote Contact Signaling (with modules installed)

Testing Remote Contact Signaling (with modules removed)

Remote Contact Signaling

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