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Suntree Will Attend MARCH EXPO Activity

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Suntree will attend MARCH EXPO Activity from 5th, March to 31th, Mach, 2018, officially held by Alibaba. The participators all are KA enterprise. In the field of electricity, there are total 30 companies joined it in Wenzhou city. With 10 years experience, Suntree will provide one -stop service solution and solar power components, main products are DC CIRCUIT BREAKER, DC SPD, DC ISOLATOR SWITCH, DC FUSE, DC COMBINER BOX, which approved TUV certificate. To thanks to your support and trust, Suntee promise to offer 24 hour hotline service. Solve questions on line. But also, we are preparing “THE PRIVATE ORDERING” gift, like tool kit, customized album, “ shanghai story’. If you are interested in it, welcome to consult with us and place orders. Bring safety power to your “TA”.

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