2P 550V 16A 20A DC MCB

2P 550V 16A 20A DC MCB

  • 2P 550V 16A 20A DC MCB
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Introduction of DC MCB 2P 550V

●Toggle is padlockable in "ON" or "OFF" position  Wide range of multi-functional accessories

●Ambient air temperature should be within -5 to +40℃, average value within 24h should not  exceed +35℃

●Altitude of the installation site should not exceed 2000

●Air reltive humidity should not exceed 50% at +40℃, higher relative humidity is allowable  at lower termpature confition, for example 90% at 20℃. Pls take special measures for the  dew casued by the temperature change occasionally

●The installation position should be vertical, obliquity of each side should not be over 10

● Installation sites should be free from impact, vibration, rain or snow attack

●Class of poluttion: class 2

● Installation class: CAT 2 OR 3

●Ingress protection: IP20(IP40 when it is installed in distirbution box, distribution  cubicle or cabinet


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