3P 750V 80A DC MCB

3P 750V 80A DC MCB

  • 3P 750V 80A DC MCB
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Introduction of Solar 3P 750V DC MCB

SM1-PV 3P 750V DC MCCB Used for Solar Photovoltaic System

l Every pole achieve 1000V, 750V,500V

l ambient air temperature:-5°C --40°C

l Altitude:less than 2000meters

l Greadient:less than 22.5°

l Place free from erosion of rain and snow

l Ambient environment/medium free from explosive danger and air or conductive dust which may cause corrosion of metal or weakness of insulation.

l In 2 years warranty


Rated Current(A) 125:63A,80A,100A,125A/250:160A,200A,225A,250A,/400:320A,400A
Ue Rated operation voltage(VDC) 3P 750V
Rated insulation voltage(VDC) DC 1000V
Rated Impact voltage Limp(kV) 8kV
Ultimate breaking capacity lcu(kV) 25kV
Trip type Thermal-Magnetic
Ambient Temperature(℃) -20℃~70℃
Altitude 2000M


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