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How is a Suntree combiner box actually made?

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In its application centre for photovoltaic solutions, Weidmüller develops combiner boxes for the optimum connection between the solar modules and inverters. A look behind the scenes provides insights – from the construction to the approval process
Suntree develop integral solutions for the correct monitoring photovoltaic installations.The String Combiner Boxes are the core of Suntree's solutions for the photovoltaic sector, customizing it according to the needs of the client. From 1000V and up to 1500V with and without monitoring, as well as switchgear panels for AC and DC inverters and/or Breaker boxes.Innovation and adaptation are the keys to our development, for that reason we are in constant contact with the market, investigating its demands and the application of different technologies that energize and provide the necessary efficiency demanded by the photovoltaic sector.

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